The IHSA Directory of Licensed Officials is updated weekly throughout the school year. The files are posted in plain text format for your convenience. You can save the file by right-clicking on the link then selecting "Save Link As..." from the pull-down menu. Once the file is saved to your hard disk, you can use a word processor, spreadsheet, or database program to manipulate the data however you see fit.

The list of all officials includes the registration level of each official in all IHSA-recognized sports. A two-letter code indicating the sport is followed by a single letter indicating the level. The sport codes are:

The registration levels, from top to bottom are:

The lists include each official's ID number, for sport lists, the year of last clinic attended, full name, city, ZIP code, and registration level. Officials may also choose to list their home address, home phone, business phone, and E-mail address.

New officials who have registered in the last three months are indicated by the month of registration in the first column.

These files were last updated on May 10, 2018.

The number following each item indicates the approximate size of each file, in kilobytes:

TIPS: If you want to sort these files using a word processor, first use your word processor's global replace function to change the semicolon (;) into a tab. Most word processors will sort a document based on the values of columns separated by tabs. Database programs generally have the capability of importing data from plain text files. The easiest way is to specify that the data is in a "delimited ASCII" file, and that the field separator is a semicolon.